Everyone has a niche, everyone has a super power, and life is really just a matter of finding your own. Anna was born in El Paso in 1983 to a typically atypical family, a housewife mother and an Army sergeant, weatherman, father. As a young child, she lived on base at White Sands and moved around a bit, but was raised primarily in San Antonio, TX. Anna has had many influences because of the considerable artistic talent in her family, including her mother, grandmother, sisters, and aunt who taught drawing groups to children in rural Michigan and who sparked her interest in drawing, particularly in drawing eyes. “It’s through the eyes that you are able to see one's soul, a sort of mirror to who someone really is.” Anna enjoys working with her hands and her mind, designing, creating, and inventing. In her spare time, she does volunteer work for the NMVFO, rehabilitating trails, and with the AWD of Albuquerque, fostering and socializing feral kittens. Anna is tenacious, imaginative and absolutely loves a challenge. “Nothing is ever impossible; your imagination is the limit.” Anna moved to Santa Fe in 2006 with nothing more than a duffle bag of belongings, an old Pontiac, and $23 and some loose change. Determined as she is, she found work at a local sandwich shop within 3 days of arriving. “When life gives you lemons, move to NM!” Before finding work with internationally known sculptor Randy Cooper, Anna worked a series of jobs including work as a baker, a pizza master, a book binder, a delivery driver, and a newspaper delivery person for the Los Alamos Monitor.
​In 2012, she married the love of her life and now resides in Albuquerque with their cats Orion and Napoleon, pug Isis, and rabbits Betty, Barnaby and Bunya.

Anna Cooper